Process Compressors

Process Compressors

The PNEUROP Committee 18 (PN 18) is a group of companies providing systems for the compression of process gases and for the oil and gas industry.

The Committee is discussing all relevant technical questions and is providing proposals for standardisation and laws. Another item is the implementation of European directives, like the machinery directive and ATEX.

The PNEUROP Process Compressors Committee is working close together with ISO TC 118 “Compressors, pneumatic tools and pneumatic machines” Subcommittee 1 “Process Compressors” and is linked to CEN/TC 232 “Compressors – Safety”.


The Pneurop Committee 18 leads the way for process compressors manufacturers in the European Union.

Process compressors are dedicated to compressing safely hazardous, explosive, flammable and toxic gases needed in different processes. Our Industry has a high range of experience with these gases and provides therefore:

  • Comprehensive solutions for specific demands, such as:
    • Hydrogen
    • Gas to liquids / Power2X
    • General chemical
    • Petrochemicals and refineries
    • Oil and Gas
    • Air separations
  • Standard and tailor made solutions for different applications
  • Different compression technologies, such as:
    • Radial and axial compressors
    • Displacement compressor
    • Rotary displacement compressor


Committee 18 observes the law making of European directives and regulations. The following European directives and regulations are in the focus: 

  • ATEX Equipment INTENDED for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres

The ATEX Directive is a so-called “New Approach” Directive giving the Essential Health and Safety Requirements and conformity assessment procedures which must be applied to equipment within its scope before being placed on the European market. These requirements provide for a high level of protection for citizens, and are given technical expression by what are called “Harmonised Standards”.

  • Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of the essential health and safety requirements for machinery at European Union level. Essentially performing a dual function, the Directive not only promotes the free movement of machinery within the Single Market, but also guarantees a high level of protection to EU workers and citizens.

  • Pressure Equipment Directive PED

More information in the Committee 6 – Pressure Equipment section


Committee 18 observes the standardisation of process compressors in various organisations, of which the most relevant are the followings:

  • ISO TC 118 SC1 Sub-Committee “Process compressors”
  • ISO TC 67 Technical committee “Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries”
  • CEN TC 232 Technical Committee “Compressors”
  • API the American Petroleum Institute
  • The standard EN 1012-3 for the safety of process compressors was developed with the support of our Committee



January 2022 (update) – Position Paper on the Application of the Pressure Equipment Directive to Process Compressors