This committee focuses on Ecodesign and/or energy efficiency of the products which Pneurop represents, especially compressors. The improvement of the energy efficiency and ecodesign of compressors and compressed air systems is a continuous endeavour and of major importance to our industry.


This Joint Committee started in 2004 to observe the drafting of the EU Ecodesign or Energy Using Products Directive in the EU Commission (later named Energy Related Products Directive).

In 2006-2007 under the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive own Best available Techniques Reference documents (IPPC BREF) on Energy efficiency were developed. As compressed air systems were one subject of this IPPC BREF on Energy Efficiency, this Joint Committee assisted and commented.

Also, since 2006 a study of industrial compressors was expected under the Ecodesign/Energy Using Products Directive. This endeavour was then started in 2012 with the legislative Lot 31 “compressors”. Whilst vacuum pumps and process gas compressors were also under scrutiny in the beginning, the focus soon narrowed down on compressed air compressors. The focus at that time was on standard air compressors which were investigated by VHK research engineers (assisting the Commission to optimise these instruments technically and economically to help meet the EU energy and climate goals). A Final report was published and discussed in a Consultation Forum in 2014. In a second phase, low pressure and oil free compressors were studied leading to a Final report in 2017 and a Consultation Forum in 2019.

In 2021, after years of very hard work, this legislative process was suddenly stopped, probably due to the outcome of the various studies, proving that European compressors are already very energy efficient.


Out of the work from this Ecodesign studies two standards originated:

  • ISO 1217:2009/AMD 1:2016 Displacement compressors — Acceptance tests — Amendment 1: Calculation of isentropic efficiency and relationship with specific energy
  • ISO/AWI 4376 Cycle Energy Requirement — Acceptance Test

Both standards were initiated by this Joint Committee.


The two study reports which were written by VHK and which were commented by this Committee could be found under

  • FINAL REPORT Lot 31 – Low pressure & Oil-free (dated 7 June 2017)
  • FINAL report Lot 31 – Standard air (dated 6 June 2014).