Membership Benefits

In a nutshell

  • Access to a high-level professional network
  • Information and influence on the European Union EU)
  • Contribution to European and International Standardisation
  • Participation in industry’s enhancement
  • Guarantee of Compliance

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Becoming a member of Pneurop means joining the only European Association representing since 1958 the entire manufacturing value chain of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools, air treatment equipment and condensate treatment equipment. Pneurop works towards the development of a positive regulatory framework and up-to-date standards that support the global competitiveness of our European industry.

1. Access to a high-level professional network

Via its national associations or direct company membership, Pneurop provides access to a highly professional and dynamic network of peer industry executives and technologists contributing to shaping the technical advancement and the regulatory environment of the compressors and allied industries.

Pneurop is managed by a Council composed of industry executives designated via the national associations. Council members provides the association’s strategic vision based on their deep knowledge of the industry trends.

The essential of the technical work happens within the product-related Committees or PNs, representing the industry’s main sub-sectors: compressors: tools, vacuum technology, pressure vessels, air treatment and process compressors. Two horizontal joint working groups or JWGs complete this scope by focusing on “Eco-design and Circular Economy” and on Digitisation”. All national association members are invited to designate experts from member companies to participate in the work of PNs and JWGs. These pools of experts provide highly valued and respected contributions to the shaping of EU legislation and accompanying European standards.

2. Information and influence on the European Union (EU)

Pneurop’s Secretariat is located in Brussels and provides a detailed monitoring and intelligence service to the members, by analysing and updating all relevant upcoming pieces of EU policy and legislation via five Bulletins per year and a tailor-made “early warning” sent to Pneurop members (based on their interest or their memberships in PN/JWGs). Moreover, the Secretariat delivers a “Regulatory Update” three times a year in the form of a presentation and organises from time to time a webinar on a specific topic of interest to the industry.

  • As an example, the Regulatory Update presented in February 2021 included the following topics: European Commission Work Programme for 2021,EU Recovery and Resilience Plan, Industrial Policy Strategy, , Machinery Directive revision, «New Legislation Framework», standardisation policy and Blue Guide revisions, Outdoor Noise Directive revision, preparation of an Eco-design Regulation on compressors («Lot 31»), Sustainable Product Policy initiative , SCIP database implementation, next steps with the RoHS Regulation, future revision of the REACH Regulation, F-gas Regulation review, proposals for a Digital Services Act and a Digital Market Act, revision of the NIS2 Regulation on cybersecurity, future legislation on Data and on Artificial Intelligence).

Over years, the Secretariat has developed a solid network of contacts within the EU institutions and, via its national associations within the Member States public authorities, that not only gives Pneurop first-hand access to EU initiatives but also direct means to be heard at the right level.

Moreover, Pneurop is an associated member of the umbrella association Orgalim, representing Europe’s technology industries, which helps strongly leveraging Pneurop’s action towards the EU: Orgalim task forces working groups are open to Pneurop experts who can contribute to drafting and communicating its positions. Via Orgalim or bilaterally, Pneurop also maintains relations with other European industry associations such as CEIR (taps and valves), CEMEP (electric motors) or Europump (pumps).

Pneurop’s main priorities include the Eco-design Directive and its implementing measures, the Pressure Equipment Directive, the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive, or the Machinery Directive, as well as new legislation on circular economy or digitisation (IoT, cybersecurity).

3. Contribution to European and International Standardisation

PNs and JWGs are in direct contact with the relevant ISO and CEN Technical Committees and often share the same experts. This allows Pneurop having a direct say in the drafting of European (harmonised or not harmonized) standards and of international standards. In particular, Pneurop members are active in ISO TC 118 (compressors and pneumatic tools, machines, and equipment) and all its working groups.

Through its national association member VDMA, Pneurop is also actively involved with the preparation of relevant OPC-UA specifications prepared by the OPC Foundation, in particular the OPC companion specification 40250-1 “Compressed Air Systems – Main Control Systems”.

4. Participation in industry’s enhancement

Pneurop holds its Plenary Meeting every year in May/June, which is the opportunity for all members, national associations and company executives and experts, to meet and network. Beyond the holding of its statutory General Assembly, the event provides a programme including an overview of main activities of the PN and JWGs, relevant regulatory, business, or technical updates and a presentation by CAGI, Pneurop’s sister association in the USA. The Plenary Meeting is held alternatively at the invitation of a national association member and in Brussels, where the programme is more focused on EU developments and networking with EU officials.

Pneurop is regularly invited to participate with a speaker in European or international conferences or fora. Twice a year, the President of Pneurop is invited to the Orgalim General Assembly where he can share Pneurop’s views with the other members.

5. Guarantee of Compliance

The association’s Secretariat is provided by the Orgalim Partnership, which ensures that Pneurop (legally established as an international association of Belgian Law) remains compliant with all applicable rules and regulations, including compliance with EU and national competition rules. Pneurop is also on the EU Transparency Register (67236492080-88). The Secretariat of all PNs and JWGs is provided by the national associations, who also guarantee compliance.

6. Others

All members are encouraged to propose new ideas and projects for the development of the association that can contribute to supporting and enhancing the compressors and allied industry.

How to become a Pneurop Member?


National Associations

A national trade association which represents the manufacturers of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools, and allied equipment in a European country as defined in the Pneurop Operating Rules can become a member of Pneurop.

The admission of a new member is subject to the following conditions:

  • the national association must be representative of the manufacturers in its country
  • the national association must be legally constituted
  • the national association must subscribe to the Articles of Association (Statutes) of Pneurop.

The 2021 and 2022 membership fee for associations from smaller countries is €2,057.

In European countries where there is no National Association or where the National Association is not a member of Pneurop, companies with manufacturing facilities in Europe are invited to directly apply to become associate members.


The 2021 and 2022 membership fee for companies is €2,057.

Interested associations companies are invited to send an application letter to the President of Pneurop at