About Pneurop



The Plenary

The Plenary Meeting is open to representatives of manufacturing companies in the industry fields served by and associated with Pneurop Member Associations, and to the officers of the National Member Associations.

It is held once a year, to approve the recommendations of the Council.

The President and the Council members are elected by the Plenary.

The Council

Pneurop is managed by the Council.

The President and seven members act as a Board of Directors for Pneurop.

The Council is responsible for the total activity of Pneurop between Plenary meetings.

The Committees

To fulfill Pneurop’s mission, the Council gives objectives and terms of reference to the Committees.

To fulfill the objectives, the Committees develop a business plan, subject to approval of the Council.

The General Secretariat

The Secretariat is run by Orgalim.