About Pneurop

The history of Pneurop


First steps to form Pneurop were taken in 1958 and 1959 by the Trade Associations of France, Germany and Great Britain. Pneurop was formed in 1960 with, as founding members, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland.

In 2018, Pneurop celebrated its 60th anniversary as a European association. Click HERE for pictures of the event

Pneurop was set up to study the development of the compressed air industry and foster its progress.

Pneurop’s early work was of a fundamental nature, that is the production of a glossary of terms and classification of products and harmonisation of the different national test rules.

Pioneer work took place in the production of safety documents, compressed air quality classes, acceptance specifications for vacuum pumps, noise and vibration test procedures.

From the mid-1980s Pneurop has been involved in detailed discussion on draft Directives and work on CEN (European Standards Organisation) harmonised standards mandated from the European Commission. This work continues.

Following the intensive years of work on Directives and harmonised standards, Pneurop has returned to its innovative work e.g. compressed air contaminations, purity classes and measurement methods, as well as items for submission to ISO.